Sedona, Arizona is like no other place on earth, known the world over for its spectacular red rock formations, its vibrant arts, and business community, healthy lifestyles, and spiritual nourishment.

There is a profound legacy of Peace in Sedona. Historically, the area was Holy and Sacred to its first peoples. Many Native American tribes lived just beyond the Sedona area, choosing to do only ceremonies amidst the magnificent ring of crimson mountains. It is still considered a place of Peace and Harmony.

The Sedona International City of Peace was founded in 2012 by residents who were committed to honoring the legacy of peacemaking that the Native American peoples practiced in the Verde Valley, as well as in present time millions of people coming to Sedona for inner peace.

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Our activities calendar has our planned events, those of our Community Partners and your events which foster a culture of PEACE.
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As an International City of Peace, modern-day Sedonans are now challenged with deepening that legacy of peace–both inner and outer–to make it relevant, purposeful and beneficial for all who live and work here, and for the millions who visit every year.


Most people who live in Sedona came here by choice–to live surrounded by breathtaking natural wilderness, for abundant hiking and biking on hundreds of miles of trails, and for its exceptional arts, culture and healing of body, mind and spirit. A strong philanthropic spirit exists here as well as a desire to engage in compassionate causes for both local and the global communities.

“Go forth in peace. Be still within yourself, and know that the trail is beautiful. May the winds be gentle upon your face, and your direction be straight and true like the flight of the eagle- walk in beauty and harmony with all People.”

Navajo Blessing

The International Cities of Peace

International Cities of Peace™ is a nonprofit, tax-exempt association dedicated to connecting, promoting, and encouraging the global cities of peace movement. An Advisory Council of leaders from global Cities of Peace organizations is working to create an all-inclusive, non-polarizing network of world citizens working to bring peace to their communities. Peace, in the view of this organization, is not just a hope. It’s a right.

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The International Cities of Peace

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